How to Get an Eye Exam and Glasses in a Day at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore

Obtaining an eye exam and prescription glasses on the same day is a desirable convenience that many eyeglass wearers seek out. At 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore, we value your time and aim to provide the best service possible. With three locations in Melbourne, FL, Orange City, FL, and Winter Park, FL, we’re equipped to handle this swift service while maintaining exceptional quality.

However, it’s essential to understand several factors that influence this same-day service, enabling you to make an informed decision when seeking new glasses.

Key Factors Affecting Same-Day Eye Exam and Glasses Service

  1. Purchase Location: As one of the premier optical stores in Florida, 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore prides itself on having an efficient system that outperforms top competitors like Eyeglass World, America’s Best, and LensCrafters. We endeavor to meet the same-day service whenever feasible.

  2. Lens Modifications: Whether you need anti-glare, scratch-resistant lenses, or other customizations, these modifications might slightly extend your waiting time. Nonetheless, our skilled team strives to deliver promptly without compromising on quality.

  3. Your Prescription: A more complicated prescription could potentially increase the timeline. But, at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore, our experienced opticians are equipped to handle even the most complex prescriptions with the utmost precision.

  4. Frame Availability: We carry an extensive in-store range of stylish and functional frames to ensure that your favorite design is readily available. Unlike most stores, where display frames need to be ordered, we stock a wide array of options for immediate fitting.

  5. In-House Optical Lab: Our in-house labs at all three locations ensure a rapid turnaround for many prescriptions, with some eyeglass lenses ready in just an hour. For more complex designs requiring an outside laboratory, we ensure timely fabrication and delivery.

As a result, depending on these factors, getting your prescription glasses at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore could take from a few hours to a few days. However, our focus remains on providing quality products and outstanding service.

The 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore Advantage

Of course, having a valid eyeglasses prescription is essential. If your existing prescription is still current, there’s no need for a new exam to buy glasses. However, if your prescription has expired (usually after one to two years), you’ll need to book an eye exam.

20/20 Eyeglass Superstore excels in providing same-day eye exams and glasses. Our seasoned professionals are available to address any queries and provide personalized attention that online retailers might not offer. With your vision insurance information, we can determine your coverage for the cost of your glasses.

If your perfect frames aren’t immediately available in our store, we also allow prescriptions to be used at other eyewear chains. But with our extensive selection and frequent deals on frames, there’s rarely a need to go elsewhere. Plus, the advantage of personalized attention from our team is an added bonus.

If online shopping is your preference, we offer a comprehensive selection of frames to choose from. Despite the convenience of online shopping, remember that nothing beats the personalized attention from an eye doctor or optician at our superstore locations.

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