What Does Donating Glasses Do

Many people choose to donate their old eyeglasses because they’re uncomfortable wearing contacts, or because they feel that glasses are an important part of their appearance. Some opt for this option because they believe that giving away their glasses will improve someone else’s life. And you can donate your old glasses to any of our 20/20 Eyeglass Superstores to help someone in need.

They get new ones!

People who receive donated eyeglasses often report feeling more confident and self-assured after receiving new frames. In addition, some people find that donating their glasses helps them feel better about themselves.

They save money!

One study found that people who received free eyeglasses were less likely to need corrective lenses later in life than people who paid for their own glasses. Another study showed that people who received free glasses were less likely to develop cataracts.

They help others!

In addition to helping people see better, donating eyeglasses helps other people by reducing the number of people who go without needed vision care. It also reduces the demand for new eyeglasses because there are fewer people needing them.

They feel good!

Many people find giving eyeglasses to others makes them feel good. This is especially true for people who wear prescription eyeglasses. Giving eyeglasses to someone else means they will no longer need to buy new ones. And since they were able to help another person, they feel good about themselves.

They make a difference!

People who receive donated eyeglasses often say they feel better because they can see again. In addition, they also feel more confident and self-assured. These feelings can lead to improved social interactions with friends and family members.

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