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Top 7 Eye Care Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake the world. Suddenly, the world has taken a 360-degree turn. What seems to be a safe and happy world is a world of distancing and isolation. Hug and caring gestures are now replaced by social distancing. Caring for someone means staying at home and caring for them from a distance. COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life.

If you are suffering from eye-related conditions or having concerns about your eye health, then you probably are worrying about how to keep your eyes in good health in this time of coronavirus outbreak. The eye doctor in Winter Park is looking after your eye health even in this time of crisis. While wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses are highly recommended as one of the ways to prevent the spread of infection, it is still a must to make sure that you are wearing the right eye wear. Coronavirus can spread through the eyes. Once it enters the mucus membrane, it would only take a few days for you to be positive for COVID-19. 

Coronavirus can cause pink eye, but it does not necessarily mean that someone who has a pink-eye has COVID-19. In China, about 1/3 of people diagnosed with COVID infection exhibit symptoms of pink eye or conjunctivitis. It is important for the general public to know that the virus can spread by touching fluid from the eye of an infected person. Therefore, it is essential to employ all possible measures to prevent the spread of infection. Medical eye doctors emphasize that special eye care procedures may be delayed considering the global pandemic. That’s why it’s so important to practice good eye health through common-sense prevention measures.

Below are the top 7 eye-care tips

  1. Give your eyes a break from wearing contact lenses – Many people wear contact lenses to help with their vision. Switch to wearing eyeglasses. It will give your eyes a break from contacts and at the same time keep you away from touching your eyes. Find an optometrist near you at your local 2020 Eyeglass Superstore for proper prescription eyeglasses. This is to make sure that the eyeglasses match the specific condition of your eyes. 
  2. Observe proper hygiene when wearing contact lenses – Should you opt to wear contact lenses, make sure you observe proper hygiene. An optometrist will tell you about the importance of keeping your contact lenses clean at all times to avoid any complications. A part of proper eye hygiene when wearing contact lenses include the following:
  3. Washing the hands with soap and water before putting the contacts and before removing them.
  4. Before showering, make sure you remove your eye contacts. 
  5. Do not reuse the eye solution in your case. Reusing may not cause COVID-19,but it can be a culprit for other infections. 
  6. Do not wear the contact lens longer than the recommended time. 
  7. Always follow the advice from a 2020 Eyeglass Superstore eye doctor in Winter Park, Melbourne or Orange City.
  8. Wear sunglasses and eyeglasses – When going out, give your eyes an added protection by wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses. It might not completely protect you from the virus as there are other entry routes like your nose and mouth, but having a barrier is better than none. Sunglasses of any type are fine. However, if your vision is not 20/20, then you will need prescription eyeglasses.Visit a 2020 Eyeglass Superstore eye doctor near me to ask for proper prescription glasses.
  9. Make sure you disinfect your glasses before and after wearing them – The virus that causes COVID-19can linger on your eyeglasses and sunglasses for days making you and your family susceptible to infection. Opticians in Orange City stressed the importance of properly disinfecting your glasses before and after use. When cleaning the glasses, make sure you use some sort of liquid. When cleaning reading glasses frames, the best way is to run the frame underwater (can be cold or lukewarm). Do not use hot water when cleaning reading glasses frames as high temperatures can distort the frame. Dry the clear frame glasses using a dry microfiber cloth.
  10. Wear safety eyeglasses/eye shield – Regular eyeglasses and sunglasses may not give thorough protection as they only protect the front of the eyes. To protect your eyes from coronavirus, especially when near people infected with COVID-19, you should wear an eye shield when available. It is designed to protect the front, sides, and area around the eyes. Consult an optician in Orange City to protect your eyes from respiratory particles. 
  11. Always carry an eye-care travel kit with you – In this time of the COVID-19pandemic, it is a must to always bring with you eye-care travel kit. Your eye doctor in Winter Park, Orange City or Melbourne will give you a list of what to bring when going out. Typically, it includes a hand sanitizer, medical gloves, facial tissues, individually-wrapped lens wipes, and moisturizing drops. 
  12. Get in touch with an optician near me(Winter Park, Melbourne, Orange City) – If you have any concerns regarding eye health or experiencing any discomfort with your optical glasses, then do not hesitate to contact the opticians in Winter Park. Even in this time of pandemic, you can visit the office of your most trusted vision specialists. Contact them and speak to an optician and eye associates.

If you are in your perfect health and not experiencing any discomfort such as fever, runny nose, cough, and other symptoms associated with coronavirus infection, then the best thing to do is to stay at home. If you have serious eye-related concerns, feel free to visit our opticians in Orange City, Melbourne and Winter Park. They are readily available to cater to the needs of clients and rest assured that the utmost precautionary measures are implemented to keep everyone safe. Everyone is highly encouraged to strictly adhere to the government’s mandate regarding COVID-19 prevention. As the line goes, prevention is better than cure. For eye health concerns, contact a 2020 Eyeglass Superstore eye specialist near you and initiate a professional eye-health consultation.


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